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Pizza Toppings for trade

For years, we have specialised in delivering high quality cooked and continental meats suitable for the pizza industry. Our range has grown vastly to meet customer demands which include a selection of flavoured diced chicken, sliced and diced pepperoni, salami & chorizo among other pizza favourites.

Qualitops recommends:

  • Halal sliced pepperoni
  • Pork sliced pepperoni
  • Diced Tandoori chicken
  • Diced chicken Tikka
  • Diced Chorizo
  • Turkey Julienne
  • Honey Roast Ham Julienne
  • Spicy pizza meatballs

We offer products which are suitable for this marketplace which includes halal.

We also provide in bulk for pizza manufacturing.

If you need more information on our full range, please contact us today to find out more.