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2021-2027 Shirt Sponsorship: Lancashire Wolverines

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Since 1988. The Lancashire Wolverines are a British Amateur American football team based in Lancashire North West of England who’s home ground is Chorley Panthers rugby club. The Wolverines first competed in British American Football in 1988 until 2004 then 2007 until present. They have made the playoffs on 7 occasions. 

We wish them well on the upcoming 2022 season with a push for promotion to the premiership..

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Great tackle from Line-backer #53 Olly Hamer…
Wolverines coaches Dave Parker, Jack Watson & Danny Charnock celebrate another Touchdown scored by Quarterback Nathan Baker..
offensive line #61 Thomas Jump protecting his Quarterback
Going airborne to get the 1st down from Running back #32 Martin Ashworth….
Getting ready for game day.. #48 Line-backer Shannon Gormley
kick returned by Wide receiver #1 Brandon Cole….
Great tackle from #62 Ryan Gould….